Moringa water purification


“Then Moses led the people of Israel on from the Red Sea, and they moved out into the wilderness of Shur and were there three days without water. Arriving at Murah, they couldn’t drink the water because it was bitter (that is why the place was called Murah, meaning “bitter”).

Then the people turned against Moses. “Must we die of thirst?” they demanded.

Moses pleaded with the Lord to help them, and the Lord showed them a tree to throw into the water, and the water became sweet.”

Exodus 15:22-7

The powder from crushed Moringa seed kernels works as a natural flocculant, binding to the solids in water and causing them to sink to the bottom. Since bacteria in water is generally attached to solid particles, treatment with Moringa powder can leave water clear with 90-99% of the bacteria removed. (Additional treatment of the water by boiling or adding chlorine or bleach is needed to render it completely safe to drink). Seed powder from Moringa stenopetalais used by women in the Sudan to clarify the turbid water of the Nile.

To treat 20 liters of water: Remove the shells from mature Moringa seeds and crush the white kernels in a mortar until a fine powder is obtained. Do not use discolored seeds. Add 2 grams (2 teaspoons) of powder to a cup of clean water and shake for five minutes in order to activate the chemicals in the powder. (This can be done by putting the powder and cup of water into a bottle and then shaking the bottle for 5 minutes). Filter this solution through a clean cloth into the bucket of water to be treated. Stir the bucket rapidly for 2 minutes, then slowly for 10-15 minutes. Leave the bucket to sit without being disturbed. After one hour, the solid particles in the water will have settled.

A general rule of thumb is to use the powder from one Moringa kernel per every two liters of water when the water is somewhat turbid, and one kernel per liter when the water is very turbid.

Moringa seeds and seed powder can be stored, but the paste must be made fresh each time water is to be purified. Seed cake from which oil has been extracted retains its coagulant properties. It can be dried and stored and the powder used to clarify water as needed.

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