Moringa Oleifera Seeds

Moringa Oleifera Seeds

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100 Pack of Moringa Oleifera Seeds in Sealed Foil Package. Typical germination rate: 80-95%.

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Moringa oleifera seeds

Plant these Moringa oleifera seeds to experience growing the miracle tree yourself! There are few things more satisfying to plant than a fast-growing tree that produces incredibly healthy leaves and seed pods.

Plant Moringa in an area that gets as much sun as possible. This is a tropical/subtropical tree. If you live in a region that experiences freezing temperatures you have two options.

  1. Grow your Moringa in a pot and overwinter inside. Grow in the deepest pot you can find to accommodate the tap root growth.
  2. Cut your Moringa down close to ground level and insulate with straw to keep the roots from freezing. (This only works if you have infrequent freezes with otherwise mild winter temps).

A heavy frost will cause a young Moringa tree to die back to the roots and a freeze will kill the tree completely if unprotected.

Moringa really starts to grow incredibly fast when the average temperature is above 70 deg. F.

In colder climates keep the trees inside in the winter and enjoy the rapid growth through the summer. Alternatively, just grow Moringa as an annual each year and enjoy the fresh leaves.

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2 reviews for Moringa Oleifera Seeds

  1. Charles Cupell (verified owner)

    moriga trees are hard for me in zone 8a, am going to plant thick and prune back to get the leaves. have not had luck with overwintering yet. the seeds all germinated the first time and know they will do the same again.

  2. Gene Sibley (verified owner)

    I’m very satisfied with the seeds, soon as I received them I decided to try the the paper towel method and without a doubt it worked. I’m so thankful I decided to buy these seeds!!!

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